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COVID-19 Policies

What to expect at your next Fusion 3 Salon Visit

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We’ve developed policies and procedures with guidance from the state and county to ensure everyone’s safety.  Please read thoroughly so that your appointment goes smoothly and is enjoyable.

Stay home if you’re sick! 

If you’re sick or have a fever, please stay home.  Will reschedule for at least 72 hours later and see you as long as you’re feeling better.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please call to reschedule for at least 14 days after your diagnoses.

Our team won’t be coming to work if they are sick or have a fever either.

Before you leave

Make sure you are feeling well and don’t have a fever.

Do you have a Haircut or Style only appointment (no color/extensions/chemical)? You are welcome to shampoo your hair and arrive damp if you would prefer to minimize time at the salon.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance of your reserved appointment and wait in your vehicle or outside, maintaining social distancing.

When you arrive and are ready to come in, please text the salon.  

Pleasanton (925)

When we respond that we’re ready for you, we expect you to be able to be at the door within 2 minutes.  Please do not text if you are not within 2 minutes of being able to come to the door.

At the door

Outside of the door you will find a sign with Self-Certification Questions.

    1. Have you had a cough?
    2. Have you had a fever,
    3. Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days? 
    4. Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please contact us to reschedule.  This applies to team members as well.

Temperature Screening

When you enter, we’ll ask to take your temperature with a touch-less infrared thermometer.  A temperature of 100.4 is considered a fever (CDC guidelines). 

We will only record answers to your questions and your temperature if you consent and you have failed the tests. This applies to team members as well.

Limiting traffic

We will see guests by appointment only.

Persons not being serviced in the salon must wait outside the salon. Unfortunately we can’t be our normal social gathering spot during these times.  Please don’t bring minors to your appointment with you.  One parent/guardian is permitted at a minor’s appointment.

Social Distancing

Divider shields are installed between salon stations and shampoo bowls. 

Spacing between persons in the salon must be at least six feet, except when staff are servicing guests. 

Sadly, hugs and handshakes are out until further notice.

Please limit use of personal phones.  

In lieu of floor stickers encouraging social distancing, we’ll request that guests remain seated in an appropriate area without leaving that area unless directed to do so. or you need to use the restroom. 

Personal Protective Gear

Face Coverings – Salon Team Members and Guests will be required to wear masks at all times. IMPORTANT Face Coverings with elastic loops around the ears are recommended to provide full access for your stylists.  Wear a disposable face covering.  Face Coverings will be stained, cut and/or damaged.  We are not liable for damaged Face Coverings.  

Face Coverings do not protect the wearer and are not personal protective gear; they help protect people near the wearer, but do not replace the need for physical distancing and frequent hand washing.

Face Coverings must cover the nose and mouth.

Wash or sanitize hands before and after using or adjusting Face Coverings.

Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Wash Face Coverings after each salon visit.

Guests will have a clean towel placed over their face while at the shampoo sink.

Gloves – Gloves will not be required to be worn by stylists or guests.  If gloves are worn (often necessary for color application), they must be washed prior to and after any guest interaction. Hand washing has been found more effective at reducing transmission than wearing gloves.  Hands must be washed/sanitized before and after every guest and before and after touching any surface.

Drapes - Each guest is always draped with a clean drape. Drapes are laundered following the fabric recommendations between each guest interaction.

Hygiene – Guests and Team Members must arrive at the salon showered and wearing clean clothing. All are encouraged to change clothes before entering their homes when they return from work.

Hand washing with soapy, warm water, for a minimum of 20 seconds will be required by Team Members between every guest service (or using hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol when employees cannot get to a sink or hand washing station, per CDC guidelines).

Aprons - A rubberized apron or disposable apron must be worn when providing services.  Rubberized aprons will be disinfected before and after guest interaction.  Disposable aprons must be disposed after every guest interaction.

Never share Personal Protective Gear.

Color Processing Options

    1. Guests with color processing may choose to wait in their car while the color processes to minimize time in the salon.  Inside car temperature should not exceed 85 degrees to prevent over processing of color; please use your AC when necessary.  We will text the guest when it is time to return to the salon.  DO NOT go on a drive! Please be no more than 2 minutes from being able to re-enter.  
    2. Guests can choose to wait outside, weather permitting.  DO NOT go on a long walk. Please be no more than 2 minutes from being able to re-enter.
    3. When neither of these is an option, we will provide seating with a minimum of 6 foot distancing.


These standards (and many others) are already in place and mandated by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology:

Disinfectants - EPA registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal will be used to clean the salon. 

Soiled Tools - After each guest interaction, tools will be disinfected before use on the next guest.  Disinfectant for immersion of tools will be mixed daily and replaced if it becomes contaminated throughout the work day. Disinfectant only works on a clean surface; clean all surfaces and tools with hot soapy water, or cleaning wipes (if using wipes, be sure to cover surface thoroughly) before disinfecting.

Linens - Launder all linens, towels, drapes, and aprons in hot soapy water on the hottest setting and dry completely at the warmest temperature allowed and store in an airtight cabinet.

Shampoo Bowl Area

All areas are cleaned and disinfected including but not limited to all bowls, hoses, spray nozzles, foist handles, shampoo chairs and arm rests. 

No hand massage will be done in order to limit face-to-face contact with guests.

Styling Work Stations

All areas are cleaned and disinfected including but not limited to chairs, head rest, and arm rests, trollies, mirrors and dividers.

Hand sanitizer is provided at all work locations for Team Members and Guests. Common Areas

All areas and surfaces will be disinfected regularly and before any new guest contact.

Team Members must frequently wash their hands after using the phones, computer, cash register and/or credit card machine. Wipe these surfaces between each use.

Cash is discouraged.  The use of credit transactions is preferred.

Beverage Stations - Beverage Stations are for employee use only.  Team members will get beverages for guests and will use clean dishes for any refill requests.

Take-home Product 

Team members will retrieve product for guests.  Please don’t help yourself to products at this time.

No returns, exchanges or refunds are permitted at this time.  This applies to in-salon and online purchases.

If you have an unredeemed At-Home Color purchase, we can issue a credit to your in-salon services.  Please arrange this prior to your appointment with (Pleasanton) or (Livermore/Brentwood).


ALL restroom surfaces including floors, sinks and toilet bowls are disinfected 3 times a day or more frequently when needed.

Towels in restrooms are single use only and guests should place used towels in the covered container using a “step-on” opener. 

In the event of a positive diagnoses for COVID-19

If you are sick with symptoms of COVID-19 as described by the CDC, such as a frequent cough, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell, or if you or someone you live with have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home. Seek medical attention if symptoms become severe, including persistent pain or pressure in the chest, confusion, or bluish lips or face. Updates and further details are available on CDC’s webpage.

If you are sick or think you are sick and may have been around others, please notify all of the following:

    1. Alameda County Public Health Department Phone: 510-267-8000
    2. Contra Costa County Health Department Phone: 925-313-6740
    4. Salon Owner: Larry Phillips -

 If you have visited the salon and have a diagnoses of COVID-19 within 14 days of your visit, please contact  Your information will not be shared with the team.

We will identify close contacts (within six feet for 15 minutes or more) of an infected worker and take steps to isolate COVID-19 positive worker(s) and close contacts.

We will ecord and/or report to OSHA if “more likely than not that exposure in the workplace played a causal role” in a confirmed case of COVID-19 illness.

HIPAA Compliance prevents the sharing of persons name that may have been infected.  We will share that team members and guests may have been in contact with someone that is positive for COVID-19. 

There is a possibility of closure as a result.