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A Single Shampoo - Fusion 3 Salon

A Single Shampoo

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A Single Shampoo can be used daily on all types of hair, guaranteeing gentle cleansing, hydration and elasticity.

This surfactant derived from vegetal oil has a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and characteristics similar to the sebaceous substances produced naturally by the hair, for a delicate and at the same time effective cleaning.
A Single Shampoo contains an ingredient chosen to help preserve biodiversity. It is a special surfactant partially derived from Quercetano Olive Oil, a Slow Food Presidium created by Davines to actively support biodiversity.

Our first 100% Carbon Neutral shampoo, 98.2% biodegradable formula and 95% natural origin ingredients. A Single Shampoo is kind to the planet and your hair, offering a gentle cleansing and moisturizing action. Perfect for everyday use.

- 98,2% biodegradable
- No added colorants
- No silicones
- No animal-derived ingredients
- 100% Natural derived active ingredients
- 100% natural fragrance
- Made of natural essential oils.
- 100% natural preservatives added
- 100% ingredients with supply chain traced back to the Country of origin